All work listed was created by Kellie Jagoe © 2017

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2017 –

Shoe Bill, “Here’s Lookin’ at You Kid”, Kellie Jagoe Oct 2017, acrylic on canvas board

Private Commission, October 2017, Melbourne

"Shoebill Here's Lookin at You Kid",KellieJagoe2017
“ShoeBill, Here’s Lookin’ at You Kid” Kellie Jagoe 2017. acryilc on canvas board


Piano Forte Diptych, Recycled Piano Panels, (mixed media shellacked hard wood)

Private commission, May – Oct 2017, Melbourne. Kellie Jagoe © 2017



Panel 1, Red and Gold Flight. Kellie Jagoe. Acrylic on recycled Piano Panels



Panel 2, Storm Head/Heart Business

Kellie Jagoe, mixed media on recycled Piano Panels (shellacked hard wood)




Great Horned Owl, private commission. L.A.Kellie Jagoe 2010 – 2011

Great Horned Owl, private commission, 2010 – 2011

“I am with you Always” Kellie Jagoe, oil on canvas, 40 x 58cm .




Butcher Bird Pair, Kellie Jagoe 2015


Butcher Bird Pair, Private commission. Kellie Jagoe 2015

Acrylic on recycled wood (timber from an old Singer Sewing machine case)