Little Wing Art Studio: Kellie Jagoe Fine Artist

Kellie Jagoe is a self-taught, freelance artist who primarily works with paint, photography, mixed media and design in her home studio based in rural Victoria, Australia.

Through various styles and mediums, she creates stories regarding issues of the heart, connection to nature and the intricacies of our human-ness.

Her particular motif for many years has been bird life of Australia. In her work these symbols represent life’s simplicity, necessities and fragility.  She juxtaposes  these delicate nature studies against  raw, distressed backgrounds portraying the contrast between our reckless, ego driven society and birds’ humble yet essential daily deeds for survival, at times using collage wordplay to add her philosophical, poetic spark.

Using recycled and low or non toxic materials in her practice, as much as possible demonstrates the artist’s awareness of her responsibility to the environment.

contact:  k j a r t p o e t @ g m a i l  . com